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What do you see when you look into the mirror? Do you see all the things you want to have or the person that you think you are or other people want you to be. Who is that person looking back at you and why are you here?


Every person has that place deep inside themselves, that place that needs to be filled for them to feel whole. Some people fill it with money and possessions. Some fill it with themselves, their looks or their physical prowess. Some fill it with their brains and achievements.
But it never is enough, is it?

That place inside you was genetically built to be filled by only one occupant. That occupant is GOD, your creator, your father. Who only wants to spend eternal time with you. Your creator who knew everything about you from the beginning of all time, who knows the numbers of hairs on your head and only wants to fill you with his LOVE.

Know this: GOD created you “Fearfully and Wonderfully made” not to be afraid and with the ability to do anything, to overcome anything in GODS plan for your life.

Your GOD made a way for you to share in this fulfilled life. That way is through His son Jesus Christ. When you accept Him as your lord and savior, Everything you ever did wrong or thought wrong is forever gone like it never happened. There is no condemnation of you. You are not subject to Judgement. When GOD looks at you He sees His son in your place and that is it.

It happens instantly, and takes a lifetime. You are forever secure in his love. Nothing can ever change that because you are a new creation in Jesus Christ.

IF you have questions or need answers, we will help and know people and places to find what you are looking for, because we looked into that mirror…

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