Our Mission



We live by the golden rule, which is treating people the way you would like to be treated. We value ethical and long term relationships with our customers and suppliers. We strive to provide you with competitive pricing on quality products with friendly knowledgeable customer service. You see Rock Power pump & Tool is our family business, but it is more than that. Rock power enables this family to pursue our passion of ministry. Our ministry helps children and their families through horse and farm animal therapy through the blessing and guidance of the highest counselor, Jesus Christ. Our P.A.T.H. certified therapy horses help children and adults with special needs overcome physical and emotional obstacles.  Equally important is the respite time afforded to the family caregivers while their family member is on horseback or spending time around the farm. This ministry has changed our lives and has taught us more than we could have ever imagined about love, compassion, patience and miracles.

Through divine intervention we were also blessed with the opportunity to serve children in the foster care system. Seeing these kids encounter horses, goats, chickens and rabbits, mostly for the first time is priceless. Emotional and attitude barriers fall as they discover a newfound tenderness. They can bond with the animals some of whom were abused or thrown away themselves. The animals seem to understand the hurt in the kids and quickly accept them just the way they are.

Well, back to our mission. It’s always evolving but basically it’s to help good kids in bad situations. Whether it’s a “troubled” kid, a kid in the “system” or a child with special needs, we love them all and watch miracles happen.